Hooking Things Together With Bridges

Now that you have a topic sentence, it’s time to explain your ideas. Relationship words are words that show the relationship between two or more ideas.

  1. Your introduction should also give the reader a sense of the kinds of information you will use to make that argument and the general organization of the paragraphs and pages that will follow.
  2. Often, this is the case with a large bridge that serves as an entrance to a city, or crosses over a main harbor entrance.
  3. A bridge can carry overhead power lines as does the Storstrøm Bridge.
  4. This follows from the importance of the engineering requirements; namely spanning the obstacle and having the durability to survive, with minimal maintenance, in an aggressive outdoor environment.
  5. To write the second paragraph, transition from the first paragraph with a topic sentence, explain your reasoning, and use evidence to support that reasoning.

The thesis statement is a question – The term “statement” should be a hint that a thesis in the form of a question is an ineffective thesis. Another way to look https://managedhealthcareservices.co.uk/2022/12/27/good-american-llc-email-format/ at the hook is to draw a comparison to the events of a good concert. Think about what happens when an artist put on a great show and then leaves the stage.

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In a 5 paragraph essay, for example, the body is 3 paragraphs long, and 1/3 times 3 is 1. Another way to look at the essay introduction is comparing it to meeting someone for the first time. A first impression is the first experience a person has when how to quote a article in an essay meeting someone new. The essay introduction is the first impression that the reader gets of the essay. If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper.

  1. For example, in a standard 5 paragraph essay, the introduction would be a paragraph long.
  2. The reader can guess that the third paragraph will discuss another way free college can boost the economy.
  3. Without bridges, your writing would feel stiff and awkward.
  4. The first known cable-stayed bridge was designed in 1784 by C.
  5. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers.
  6. The professor or teaching assistant wrote your question and will be reading many essays in response to it—he or she does not need to read a whole paragraph that simply restates the question.

Its the safest bridge because it can hold the most weight out of all the other bridges. Engineers have to know what materials to use in order to make the safest bridge possible. Context Summary – Context summary is when the writer sums up the main points or context of the body of the essay in the introduction.

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Usually when you sit down to respond to an assignment, you have at least some sense of what you want to say in the body of your paper. You might have chosen a few examples you want to use or have an idea that will help you answer the main question of your assignment; these sections, therefore, may not be as hard to write.

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A box-girder cross-section consists of a single-cell or multi-cellular box. In recent years, integral bridge construction has also become popular. The world’s largest arch bridge is the Chaotianmen Bridge over the Yangtze River with a length of 1,741 m and a span of 552 m . The bridge was opened April 29, 2009, in Chongqing, China. Bridges may be classified by how the actions of tension, compression, bending, torsion and shear are distributed through their structure. Most bridges will employ all of these to some degree, but only a few will predominate. In a suspension or cable-stayed bridge, the elements in tension are distinct in shape and placement.

What are the features of a second paragraph?

The Neolithic people built boardwalk bridges across marshland. The Arkadiko Bridge is one of the oldest arch bridges still in existence and use. Keep in how to start commentary mind that if you feel the need to add more than two or three additional bridges, then you are probably going to want to add a paragraph break or two.

One of the most famous examples is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that collapsed shortly after being constructed due to excessive vibration. More recently, the Millennium Bridge in London vibrated excessively under pedestrian loading and was closed and retrofitted with a system of dampers. For smaller bridges, dynamics is not catastrophic but can contribute an added amplification to the stresses due to static effects. For example, the Eurocode for bridge loading specifies how long do essays have to be amplifications of between 10% and 70%, depending on the span, the number of traffic lanes and the type of stress . Cantilever bridges are built using cantilevers—horizontal beams supported on only one end. Most cantilever bridges use a pair of continuous spans that extend from opposite sides of the supporting piers to meet at the center of the obstacle the bridge crosses. Cantilever bridges are constructed using much the same materials and techniques as beam bridges.

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High levels of student debt can cause them to stop buying houses, investing in businesses, or spending money example of a bridge in an essay on travel. According to Gallup, student debt has become the largest form of personal debt in the U.S.

This writing activity teaches students how to properly use thesis statements, bridges, and leads in order to write strong essay introductions. Students will be given an essay topic, such as “Fruits and Vegetables”, and three main points about the topic to include in an introduction that they have written. The thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction, and it must be written effectively. Thesis statements come in three general forms; the persuasive thesis, the expository thesis and the analysis thesis. A persuasive thesis presents the argument the writer plans to make, an expository thesis explains the main point in an unbiased way, and the analysis thesis conducts a deep examination of a concept.


This type, often found in east-Asian style gardens, is called a Moon bridge, evoking a rising full moon. Other garden bridges may cross only a dry bed of stream-washed pebbles, intended only to convey an impression of a stream. Often in palaces, a bridge will be built over an artificial waterway as symbolic of a passage to an important place or state of mind. A set of five bridges cross a sinuous waterway in an important courtyard of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The central bridge was reserved exclusively for the use of the Emperor and Empress, with their attendants.

It is constructed for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle, which is usually something that is otherwise difficult or impossible to cross. There are many different designs of bridges, each serving a particular purpose and applicable to different situations. This is a detailed look at an exemplar of a hook, bridge, and thesis statement. In my next post, I’ll offer some examples of transitional sentences and paragraphs. “According to” allow writers to smoothly transition into their quotes, facts, and other evidence. Without them, research details land gracelessly and awkwardly onto the paper. There are many ways to create a logical connection between two ideas, and it depends on the type of essay you are writing.

Identifying Hook, Bridge, and Thesis Statement in Introduction Paragraphs

Recent studies have found young people are not spending on homes or travel like previous generations. Many of them are postponing large purchases due to student debt. If the government paid for college, more people would be http://www.atalisassurances.fr/writing-thematic-essays/ able to make large purchases and boost the economy. Free college can also boost the economy in many other ways. The second paragraph is important because it bridges the introductory paragraph and the rest of the essay.

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A transition is a word or phrase that connects one idea to another. Transitions between paragraphs connect the main ideas of each paragraph. Engineer and that beauty is fully achieved only by the addition of architecture. The second idea, arguing from the standpoint definition of controlling idea of pure engineering, insists that bridges making the most efficient possible use of materials are by definition beautiful. The third case holds that architecture is not needed but that engineers must think about how to make the structure beautiful.

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The Eurocode is an example of a standard for bridge traffic loading that was developed in this way. A major breakthrough in bridge technology came with the erection of the Iron Bridge in Shropshire, England in 1779. It used cast iron for the first time as arches to cross the river Severn. With the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, truss systems of wrought iron were developed for larger bridges, but iron does not have the tensile strength to support large loads. With the advent of steel, which has a high tensile strength, much larger bridges were built, many using the ideas of Gustave Eiffel.

  1. But in your final draft, these middle parts of the paper can’t just come out of thin air; they need to be introduced and concluded in a way that makes sense to your reader.
  2. Putting the previous tips, suggestions, and examples to work, the following example of an introduction essay will be based on the following prompt, which could be given to a 5th grade class.
  3. The reader can guess the third paragraph will discuss another way that free college could boost the economy.
  4. Note how the above example hints at what is to come in the next paragraphs.
  5. Its the safest bridge because it can hold the most weight out of all the other bridges.
  6. An intriguing example—for example, Douglass writes about a mistress who initially teaches him but then ceases her instruction as she learns more about slavery.

If you are uncertain what kind of introduction is expected, ask your instructor. Is a bridge composed of log beams, the logs being in natural condition or hewn, which are thrown across two abutments, and over which traffic may pass. In the United States, the National Bridge Inventory tracks the structural evaluations of all bridges, including designations such as “structurally deficient” and “functionally obsolete”. The areas underneath some bridges have become makeshift shelters and homes to homeless people, and the undertimbers of bridges all around the world are spots of prevalent graffiti. Some bridges attract people attempting suicide, and become known as suicide bridges.

…Certainly, many people played a role in the tragedy, but one person seems more culpable than all the others. Based on the documents we have reviewed, it seems clear that Captain Edward J. Smith is the individual most responsible for the sinking of the Titanic and the deaths of all of those unfortunate passengers.

  1. The length of this bridge is 6.15 kilometers and the width is 18.18 meters.
  2. Ask a friend to read your introduction and then tell you what he or she expects the paper will discuss, what kinds of evidence the paper will use, and what the tone of the paper will be.
  3. Now let’s look at each type’s examples to see the common points and the differences.
  4. Engineer and that beauty is fully achieved only by the addition of architecture.
  5. The features of a second paragraph are 1) a topic sentence, 2) an explanation of reasoning, 3) evidence to support that reasoning, and 4) a transition to the third paragraph.
  6. Use relationship words as sentence starters to smooth out the transition.
  7. The thesis statement is a sentence that states the main idea or argument of an essay.

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